Welcome To Barbasudevpur Deshapran Pragati Sangha.

Past Projects



Persons/ Area benefited


 R.K. Mission

180 women and children.

Non Formal education center  3 unit


Adult learner

Crèches For Babies 6 centers


150 children in each year


RRRLF & Self fund

3000 learner & readers.

Awareness in different sectors

Self source

47 villages.

Consumer awareness

Govt. of India

140 villages

Women labor awareness

M/O Labor, GOI

1500 women

Sarada cultural institute


2000 learners.

Rural road construction 6 K.M

CAPART & Local

7 villages.

Integrated sanitation p[programme

UNICEF, R.K.Mission & self

30 villages.

Water awareness


25 villages

Micro credit ( SHG)


65 SHGs

Handicraft training on Zari,


100 women

Mat goods training

M/O W & Cd

30 Women

Tailoring training cum production


50 women

Ready made garment training of youth

M/O Y& Sports

35 Youths

Entrepreneurship dev. Training


60 women

Skill dev. Training & support on Jute & Mat

Embassy of Ireland

50 women

Human Hair and Improve Mat Skill training

D I C purba Medinipore

50 artisans

IAY ( Housing for house less)


70 houses

Pond excavation for irrigation and farming


75 Ponds

Mini Deep tube well (3 Unit)

FORRAD, New Delhi

200 Cultivators families

Flood relief and disaster management


25 villages

Other Need based activities for integrated dev. & health relaed prog.


25 villages

Mission of the NGO

Our Mission is to go to the have-not, living with them, loving them, learning them, starting from what they know, building with what they have and empowering them for civic engagement and good governance by: -

  • Empowering them to place their opinion.
  • Organizing them for their self-help.
  • Respecting their thought and ideas.
  • Mobilizing their existing skill and resources.
  • Supporting their drive physically and financially.
  • Smoothing their way of journey and to strengthen their hands mainly women, children and weaker section of the rural society.
It is Playing the role of a torchbearer and to work with them hand in hand on the path of self-sufficiency, civic engagement after all to snatch the dawn Sun.

Present Activities

Zari Craft & Patch work training cum production center is running with the own effort of the NGO. at present 98 women are earning more thorough this unit and the new trainees also providing training through it.
Improve Mat Making training cum production unit is running with 50 women artisans in the NGO campus and they are also earning a lot . the center also providing training to new comers.
Jute good handicraft Training cum production unit is also running in the NGO campus and at present 30 women are working in this unit and earning more. The new comers are also enjoying training through this unit.
A waste Human Hair processing training cum production unit also running in the NGO campus with the own effort of NGO. 25 women are benefiting at large.
A Bamboo based handicraft training sponsored by CAPART is completed .the beneficiaries are in production and earning moreAHVY project: At present the NGO is working with 533 women artisans of Zari crafts trade for the integrated development of crafts and crafts persons too. The project ia going on.

The NGO is continuing 1 Minor irrigation unit managed by cultivators committee and 200 families are earning their food from its support. A library with 5600 books is going to open itself in the organization building, which was assisted by RRRLF, students, youths, women, newly literate will be more benefited from it.
A Crèche unit for children of workingwomen is functioning with 25 children, which is sponsored by CSWB since l\the year 1985. The NGO is fully engaged in different type of need-based awareness with a view to integrated development of this area special emphasis to community health facilities and awareness.
The NGO completed skill training for 80 Nos. of Mat artisans and 80 Nos of Bamboo artisans under Natural fiber Mission. All the artisan are enjoying a good earning.
The NGO is also much active in flood relief and disaster management. During the last divested flood in purba Medinipore district the NGO played a vital role in emergency relief and rehabilitation work with its poor resources.

Source of Funding

Local donation, grant from Government, NGOs, and foreign funding agencies, voluntary labor, fisheries, and cultivation are its source of fund though it is too poor to the needs of the area.
Future planning of the NGO: The NGO always working for integrated development of rural area. During this year it want to work in the field of Different awareness like Diabetes, Swachha Bharat Mission and mission Nirmal Bangla, alcohol , Drug and Tobacco diadiction and other Need base awareness programme.. side by side it is also trying to established an Old age home, 15 bedded hospital. Common facility centre for women Artisans etc.