Welcome To Barbasudevpur Deshapran Pragati Sangha.

Vision of the NGO

To play the role of a dedicated soldier in the revolution of integrated development of the have not group of all caste & creeds. Who are giving all but has not got any return from the society and victim from injustice.

Mission of the NGO

Our Mission is to go to the have-not, living with them, loving them, learning them, starting from what they know, building with what they have and empowering them for civic engagement and good governance by: -

  • Empowering them to place their opinion.
  • Organizing them for their self-help.
  • Respecting their thought and ideas.
  • Mobilizing their existing skill and resources.
  • Supporting their drive physically and financially.
  • Smoothing their way of journey and to strengthen their hands mainly women, children and weaker section of the rural society.
It is Playing the role of a torchbearer and to work with them hand in hand on the path of self-sufficiency, civic engagement after all to snatch the dawn Sun.

Working Relationship

Govt. Sector

Neheru Yuba Kendra.
RRRLF- Kolkata.
CSWB- New Delhi,
M/O- Youth affairs & sports. GOI.
M/O- H.R.D. GOI.
M/O W & CD. GOI.
M/O Food, Dtt. Of Consumer, GOI.
M/O- Textiles, GOI.
Vigyan Prasar - M/O- Sc. & Tech.
M/O Health. Govt.of W.B.
D.I.C. Govt. of W.B.

NGO Sector:

R.K. Mission Loka siksha parished


FORRAD- New Delhi
CIPODA- Howrah.
Embassy of Ireland.